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Heights Neighborhood

The Heights is made up of 56 individual single family homes.  The Association does not provide yard or snow removal maintenance for the Heights. 


Below is the owner’s responsibility:


  • Mow the Lot in order to prevent unsightly growth of vegetation and weeds and exercise good husbandry with respect to all landscaping located thereon.

  • Prevent the existence of any other condition that reasonably tends to detract from or diminish the aesthetic appearance of Tamarron

  • Maintain the tree plot and landscaping between the sidewalk and street or curb.

  • Remove snow from sidewalks when snow fall is two inches or more within 24 hours of when the snow stops falling

  • Repair and replacement of sidewalks

  • Drainage thru a lot is to be maintained by the owner


Each home is required to have a wall bracket light fixture adjacent to the main door and one post light adjacent to the driveway/sidewalk that the owner is responsible for maintaining.

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