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Village Neighborhood

The Village is made of 18 paired patio homes.  The blanket insurance policy for the Village covers the exterior and interior of the units.  The owners are responsible for carrying personal property, liability and betterments and improvement (gap) coverage.  The premiums renew each July and are billed thru the Association. 


The Association provides the following services for the Village:

  • Mowing of the yards

  • Lawn fertilization

  • Trimming of the shrubs around the units bi-annually

  • Maintenance of the Irrigation system in the front yards

  • Leaf raking of all common area

  • Fall clean-out of leaves in landscape beds

  • Landscape bed mulching annually

  • Street tree mulching annually

  • Snow removal includes sidewalks, walkways to front door and driveways


Maintenance of common area and limited common areas include exterior maintenance for paint, repair, replacement and care of all exterior doors, roofs, gutters, downspout, exterior building surfaces and other exterior improvements.  Trees, shrubs, grass or walk originally installed by the developer.  Any builder constructed screened-in porch or patio, exterior building surfaces meaning both the interior and exterior walls.


The owners in the Village are responsible for items from the exterior wall in, including all fixtures and equipment, utility lines, pipes, wires, conduits or systems, water lines, plumbing, electric and gas lines, appliances, doors, windows, lamps, accessories, glass surfaces, screens, window fixtures, and other hardware.  All trees, shrubs or landscaping done by the owner is the owner’s responsibility to maintain and/or replace.

For repair items, please submit a work order request form to our property manager.

If you would like to change the exterior of your unit, please submit a complete exterior alterations request form to the Board.


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